Will Moderate a Panel Dealing with Misuse of Social Media at Trial


LCA squareI will moderate a panel entitled “Avoiding the Googling Mistrial: Dos and Don’ts When Preparing for Trial in the Age of Social Media” at the Litigation Counsel of America’s 2015 Spring Conference & Celebration of Fellows.

The program will take place on April 16, 2015, at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, California. The Spring Conference will enhance the trial skills of LCA Fellows, address practical issues and topics challenging litigators in today’s environment and give each attendee the opportunity to network with other LCA Fellows.

I am pleased that joining me on the panel will be John Browning of Passman Jones in Dallas, also an LCA Fellow and Dr. David Perrot of Decision Quest in New York. John is the author of The Lawyer’s Guide to Social Networking: Understanding Social Media’s Impact on the Law (Thomson Reuters/West Publishing 2010). David heads up the research team in DecisionQuest’s New York office. Having done two similar programs with him, he is a treat to work with and listen to.

The program hopes to answer the following questions:

Is the easy access jurors have to the Internet making it impossible for jurors to base their decisions solely on the evidence presented and the charge they receive?

How prevalent is juror misuse of social media and what are the consequences to the jurors and the litigants?

How can judges minimize misuse and what role can we, as trial attorneys, play in that process?

How can trial lawyers use social media to aid in pre-trial research and during voir dire?

What are examples of how social media has helped folks like us prepare for trial?

What are the ethical issues arising from our research of jurors’ online activities?

LCA Fellows are selected based upon evaluations of excellence, effectiveness and accomplishment in litigation and ethical reputation. For more information regarding the LCA or the 2015 Spring Conference & Celebration of Fellows, please contact Jessica Sullivan at 212.724.4128 or Jessica.Sullivan@litcounsel.org.