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The Legal Landscape of NFTs in the U.S.

Reading Time: 12 minutes

NFTs have attracted creators, investors and brands fueled by the outsized returns some have enjoyed. But NFTs are a trap for the unwary. Many buyers have no idea of the rights and restrictions associated with their NFTs; there is no federal regulation and much fraud. This post will guide those interested in NFTs through this…

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Has Artificial Intelligence Placed Trademarks On Life Support?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Traditionally, trademarks were shortcuts, identifying and distinguished goods in the marketplace in response to a buyer’s needs and self-selected criteria. Trademarks have also protected against human frailty by alleviating confusion, imitation, disparagement and misrepresentation.

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Ten Win-Win License Negotiation Tips

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Negotiating a license agreement? There are primers telling you how to take advantage and one-up your license partner. Ignore them. Unless the agreement works for both sides, it won’t last.

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Is The End Of Embedding In Sight?

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Embedding flourishes on the internet. Social media like YouTube, networking sites such as Twitter, streaming music services, including Spotify and search engines like Google, encourage embedding and offer tools that facilitate this practice.

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