Cornell Entrepreneurial Network Webinar on February 23: How to Brand, License and Protect your Intellectual Property

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Andrew will be speaking at a one-hour webinar sponsored by the Cornell Entrepreneurial Network on February 23 about how to brand, license and protect your intellectual property. The webinar will cover:

• How can I transform my idea into a brand?
• What kinds of market strategies work best in the physical and digital worlds?
• How can I license my brand in various media: online, print, web, Facebook and more?
• What are the pitfalls and benefits of licensing?
• How do I select and monitor my licensing partner?
• How do I determine the royalty and when and how should I modify it?
• How do I protect my IP from possible infringement?
• When and how should I terminate my license agreement?

Andrew will be joined on the panel by Alejandro Crawford ‘95, Founder and CEO, Nolej Studios, a design and branding firm.

Cornellians interested in learning more about how to create, develop, and license your brand should attend. The program information is here. I am happy to say that about one hundred persons have already signed up. The cost is $20 for the one-hour program. My PowerPoint for the program is here. Hope you all can make it.

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